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Letter #57 

Author:  Raizel Garncarz

Date:  8/29/1941

Summary: In this note Raizel discloses how much she misses her sister even if they did not get along prior to Sala's departure for the camp. Raizel writes that she is "heartsick at the thought of the holidays" because Sala will spend them in the camp rather than with her family. She continues "I remember so many things, our argument. But all of that is forgotten. How much I want to see you." Raizel also mentions a forthcomming long letter that she feels unable to finish until she can meet with Ala. But she does not describe the letter further.

Full Transcript:

[ Best regards to Holtz. and Abram - the same from Rozia who longs to see you very much.]


Dear sister,


Really, it's almost two days since we received your card, but we didn't reply because we wanted to meet with Ala. I went to see her brother, but she [Ala] was in Bendzin and hasn't come back yet. Meanwhile, it's getting late, it's [almost] Friday night. Since I don't want to write on Saturday, I decided not to wait any longer. To make it short, we received all of your cards with great joy but, at the same time, we cried a lot. The holidays, oh, the holidays. I could hardly read the card, that's how much my heart shrank. If only soon, soon, soon... Sitting here writing, I shed many tears, it's been such a long time already and I remember so, so many things: How we often had arguments, but all of that is forgotten already, how much I want to see you, how much, how much. May God hear me. I can't describe in words how much we long to see you. Get ready for a long letter, that's already... so you shouldn't worry.  You will get a long letter, once we talked with Ala. But not yet. You ask whether Blima looks that good in reality, [no], not yet. Just now, mail arrived from Jakub, he has good news. He will come for the holidays. Now, about the 5 RM: I don't understand [what you mean], I totally forgot to mention them in the letter, that's all. Besides, you didn't send the money, but don't worry about it. Shabbos arrives... with a sigh, I 'm coming to an end(?). Thousands of kisses and regards from our dear parents, Blima, L.D., husband and children.

Keywords: Holtz, Abram, Ala, emotion, holidays, tears, God, Bilma, money, sabbath

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