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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Are you still with the Pactha family? Write more about yourself.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, I haven't written in a long time. Only just now, we received regards from Mr. Kronenberg and I thought you should know. We were very happy because he says you are as you have always been. If only, only you would come, we so want to see you. Mr. Kronenberg said you received a new sweater, is it true? Didn't you want to write us about it? Sala, would you still like to have Blima's green dress? We can't send it right away, only next week. What is new with you? Are you still working in your old job? We have calmed down a little, but still... Are you still getting together with the Pacha family or not? We're really would like to know and also write more about yourself, so we have something to read. I am sorry that the card is so dirty, Szajudili got it in such a state. She keeps pestering me to tell you to come home and what you are to bring her as a present. If only you saw her read, you would say, "You are the most precious child." ... Otherwise, nothing new. We are, thank God, well and talk about you all of the time. There's nothing new with L.D., either, everybody's well. Warmest regards and kisses from our dear father and mother, sister, husband and children. [Rozia]

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