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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Raizel responds to Sala's homesickness but promising to look for pictures of family and friends to send. She also notes that Sala works in some type of trade, possibly sewing if she made herself blouses as part of the trade.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, We received your card today and were very happy. At the same time, we all cried because you write about your longing, which we feel too. But what can one do, there is nothing to be done. You wrote that you work in your trade. To your friends you wrote that you work for some distinguished people and that you made yourself two blouses and got one as a present. We sent you three RM [Reichsmark]. And say thank you to Ala for lending you 11 RM. You took the photos of our dear father and mother with you, didn't you? But we will look some more and send [them to you] if we find them. There is no photo of Salasia. If L.D. has a chance, she'll have a photo made. Salasia was very happy that you wrote her a special note and all the other children, M. and Heniek as well. Everything is okay with us. I already told you in S. Rabinowisc's letter. We are working. Thank God, we are well, etc. Write whether you are well and if you are still working. Maybe you can come on vacation. We would be overjoyed to see you. Probably you speak German real well now. Nothing else particular to be said. Yes, Wolbrons received mail. Rachela is well, thank God. In closing, I give you the warmest regards and kisses, your sister Rosia. Ditto from our dear parents, Blima, L.D., Dawid and the children.

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