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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Passover over. Wrote a long letter about the seder but never sent.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, I can only reply to your card now because of the holidays. We can’t understand why you write us that you don’t get mail from us. Is this possible After all, we wrote many letters and you should have received them by now We are very concerned about this. However, you shouldn’t worry about us We are, thank God, well and the first days of the holiday are already over. Thank God for that! I guess, you’re curious how we spent the seder. I wanted to tell you and actually did in a long letter about this “seder”--. Sala. are Chamek and Abram from Olkusch still there? Have new people arrived, people we know? Kalma Beigelmacher, it seems, is together with Abramek Ujard. Isn’t Kalma’s brother, Ju. Beigelmacher, with you? What about Mojsse Ferschinski, Pynick Frajberger. Pas.. Wekselman, Mrs. Zeligman’s brother, Reicek, L. D. Suplokater, Mongwier and Goldberg? We don’t know anything about M.D.. Oh, I forgot to ask you to write me Abram’s address in Olkusch. We wrote there, but didn’t receive any reply. Ala doesn’t write at all? We never received a reply from her, naturally, we didn’t write her again. Sala, we’re always very happy when we get mail from you. Write as much as you can. Again, don’t worry about us, everything is fine. Thousands of kisses and regards from our dear parents, L.D., husband and children.

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