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Raizel Garncarz




Still home, but we were in a skumi.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Oh well, our eyes fairly popped out of our head [we were worried beyond words]. Do you have an idea of how much we went through, how many tears we shed because we didn’t get mail from you? No, you can’t possibly fathom that. But now, at long last, I was beside myself with joy. I’d been waiting in front of the gate from 8 to 10 o’clock for the mail carrier and then nothing came. But, thank God, now it did. You’re so right, Sala, for thanking God that the address is still the same. Maybe you had a premonition because we were in a “skumi”, our dear mother, Blirna, L.D., Dawid and the children. Thank goodness, you received this mail. I was really nervous that you might not get this mail, but then I thought, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be for you to have the card [?] Sala, may we be together again and enjoy talking to one another. I’m not going to send you a parcel now. Also,I don’t know exactly how to answer your question concerning how many cards we received. I guess, about 15 over the months. Don’t worry about us, probably I’ll have work, but I don’t know where yet. Our dear father doesn’t work, no work has been assigned to him. Otherwise nothing special. Thank God, we’re well and I hope to have good news. Kisses from our dear parents.

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