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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Got a letter. No work without someone's sponsorship. The worse is over. The illness has subsided.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, At long last, after much wondering and worrying, we received mail from you. Thank God, we were already out of our minds with worrying. You know, yesterday I wrote you a card, running up a storm. They say you’re still in Geppersdorf, thank God for that. We are very happy about that. Regarding your question what I achieved at the employment office - nothing, there’s no work without someone’s sponsorship. Concerning your question about cousin Gajrsyn [Gershom] he is, thank God, better again and we hope that he will be completely well soon. We went through terrible times, only today his health changed for the better. Our dear father meanwhile doesn’t work, but we have no exact information [what’s going to be]. Probably you know from the newly arrived that business is doing well here (?). But don’t worry, the worst is over. Well, how is Chamek doing, what happened with his family, please write. Will you stay in Geppersdorf? Did Ala write you that she will come to see me? Sala, why don’t you ask us concerning her not writing back to us? We really would like to know. Are there any acquaintances among those who recently arrived [in the camp]? Salusia is happy because you said she was a golden child. We all sit together now. L.D.. Dawid. Mrs. Ujard, Blima, our dear parents and I and we’re all in a great mood because the illness subsided, may it go away completely. Please forgive me, I’m tired, it’s already late. Meanwhile good night. a thousand kisses from our dear parents, sister and brother. Greetings from the Ujard family.

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