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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Anguished at not hearing from Laya Dina.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, I’m writing to you in a state of both great impatience and anguish. Dear Sala! Imagine how we feel about not getting any mail from dear Lajcia. Who knows, if our dear ones are still home? But maybe, maybe you have mail from them? Oh, how happy we would be if this were so. We implore you, dear. to write us everything exactly. How is your work doing? Are you well? There’s nothing special with us. We’re well, thank God, and working. We’re always happy to get mail from you. But, Sala, why don’t you write? In particular, you should write to Lajcia. Have you received a parcel with clothes from Lajcia? Are you still getting mail from Rozia Grunbaum? Where is she? Are you getting mail from Chamek? Now I’m ending with a thousand kisses and regards from your sisters, missing you greatly. Rozia and Blima. Warm regards from Miss Ginter’s sisters and Artman from her sisters

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