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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




We're crazy from worrying. Stay in Gepp and be happy and well.

Full Translation

Dear Sala. Write! Write! Write! What is this? We’re already crazy from worrying! Why don’t we get any mail? It’s already Wednesday night, and we still don’t have anything. Usually, we get mail every second Saturday and now, our eyes are beginning to pop out of our heads. This doesn’t mean, we ask for mail, but this can’t go on (?). Sala, how I would love to get mail from you this very moment, but that’s impossible, it’s too late. Maybe tomorrow. Otherwise nothing special. We are well and don’t worry about us, everything is fine. Calm down. What’s new with you? Sala, stay in Geppersdorf and be happy and well. I don’t write much about ourselves because I’m very ?? now - The same with Liba. With many regards and kisses from our dear parents and all of us. Good night. [Rozia]

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