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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Raizel expresses concern about Sala's alleged mistreatment of Abram Grünbaum, the son of Sala's family's acquaintances. The Grünbaums were apparently contacted about the matter by someone other than their son.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Naturally, I have nothing in particular to say. I am sure you have received mail from us, in which we express our happiness about your good health and that you are still together with Ala. I forgot to mention that Salasia keeps asking when you will come home on vacation. She is dying to see you, just like all of us. We will send you something as soon as we can. Well, and then I must say something that upset us just thinking that you should have acted that way. This week we received mail from Allusia. Imagine, the Grünbaum family complains terribly about you, [saying] that you treated their son and brother Abram Grünbaum badly. The mother fell sick on account of this and she asks why and how he deserves something like this from you. He didn't write to the Grünbaum family himself, but someone else from the group. We can't believe this at all. We ask you to write us about this and to treat him better from now on. It is a shame that a stranger should give them such news. Maybe you could help him as much as you can. However, I think that this is nothing but a misunderstanding. Maybe someone who was jealous wrote this.. I end here with warmest regards.

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