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Raizel Garncarz




Raizel persists in asking Sala if she needs any food or money, and is especially persistent about asking if Sala needs stockings. She notes, "We miss you on Friday nights," but continues, "You wanted it that way and it will all be for the best."

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Oh, how happy we are, every time we get mail from you! Every time we get close to the end of the second week we get terribly impatient, hoping to get something from you. And if we do get mail from you on time, we are very happy. Now Sala, why don't you write us whether you need anything, or some money? Write and then you'll get it. You still haven't written whether you have stockings or not. Don't you think about coming here on vacation? Whenever Salasia hears that mail from you arrived, she jumps with joy and the children keep asking when you will come on vacation. I forgot to ask you what type of work you're doing. In the kitchen or in your trade? When did you make the blouse? And what about your sweater, have you finished it? And now about the shoes, how do they hold up, are they still in one piece? We received a card from Wolbronns. Rachela is, thank God, well. I sent her regards from you. Your girl friends haven't seen the card yet. They won't come here until Saturday. How much we long for you on Friday nights. Terrible. What can we do about it? You wanted it that way and it [will be all] for the best. Please write if we can send you food. You know best, because they don't say anything about this here, that's why, we don't know. Also write if you can buy something there. Now I end with the warmest regards and kisses from our dear parents, sister, Dawid and the children. Your sister Rosia. Warmest regards to Ala. Be happy and well.

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