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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Another letter in which Raizel reminds Sala that "there is a God." She continues that the family members are beside themselves with worry about Sala, who, it seems, has not written while other families receive a flow of letters from their children

Full Translation

Dearest Sala! Our ordeals are beyond words. How can you neglect us so by not writing us for such a long time? One would have thought you would try, but no! Remember,there is a God and write, otherwise we'll go out of our minds. For days on end we have been worrying about what may have happened to you. Are you, God forbid, sick? Then write us as soon as possible, for we are already crazy from worrying, we have sleepless nights and all because we're thinking about you, Sala! I have to warn you again, Sala, in the name of our dear parents, particularly our dear mother, who cries all night and, needless to say, we are all in a similar state, and all on account of you, Sala. So many have received letters, but no letter or even a postcard from you. If you're not doing well, just write. Also let us know if you received the blouse (?) and the soap. Write what was in the parcel. There's nothing new here. Thank God we are all well and Laja Dina as well. Dawid works at Schnei's. What do you do? In closing, I am anxious to hear good news from you. Warmest regards and kisses from the dear parents, Blima and me. Regards from Laji Dina, husband and children. Salussia keeps asking when Sala is coming home. We ask ourselves the same question. Again, remember that there is a God. Write soon.

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