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Raizel Garncarz




I'm expecting at invitation any day, but we're trying to be calm.

Full Translation

Sala, Just imagine, dear Sala, we received regards from Abramek - how painful this is for us. 1 wrote to Olkusch, but I don’t know what’s going on there and I’m not sure whether they’ll receive the card. I don’t know if I have the right address. I wrote to, Ilkenau. Robert Koch Str. 40. I hope they will write us what happened there. Now Sala, the holidays are approaching and, yes, we know it’s heartbreaking that we are so far apart from one another, but don’t feel bad about it. Just be happy and contented, that’s how you should feel, you’re doing so well, so well and once again, well. So don’t fret, relax. We want to thank you very much for always thinking about us and we do likewise. But, Sala, one thing we’re asking for, always be as chipper, gay and merry as you have always been, that’s all we want. We thank you for Beigelmacher’s regards, he is very dear to us. Unfortunately, we don’t have a photo of Salusia; we wouldn’t mind having one made, but right now we don’t have the nerve for that, everyday, there’s some new trouble. But that will pass. Otherwise, there’s nothing new. We are, thank God, well and hope to receive good news from you. Did you have a fallout with Kaufman? Have you already received mail from Ala? I didn’t get any mail from her. Warm regards and kisses from our dear parents, sister, brother, L.D., husband and children. Have you received mail from us? Gut Shabbos [Rozia]

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