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Raizel Garncarz




Postmark says 42? Regards from parents. Sala seemed depressed. Did Sala send you pracel? Please take care of laundry.

Full Translation

Dearest Sala, We received your card and read it with little enthusiasm. Have you been sick, are you doing well now ... Only, may it be so. Sala, we don't stop crying ( while I'm writing to you, my tears are rolling down) and can't pull myself together. How different(?) were your earlier cards, full of life. Salu, we have one request: Don't loose hope or your spirits, because that has bad effects on the soul. Get over your anxiety and worries about nothing, it's enough that we're worried about you. Don't be so down, it's going to cost you much of your health, but what can we do? Have you already gotten the certificate about your working as a seamstress? Why, Sala, don't you reply to our question whether you received our cookies? Is Holtz still there? Now the most important, are you well? Did Ala send you the second sweater? She was supposed to send you a parcel, did you receive it yet? We are, thank God, well. Nothing special here and we're only worried about you. Remember, don't worry! How do you like the present good weather? ... Jakub is still where he used to be. Concerning the laundry, we would be very happy, if you would take care of it. Warm regards and kisses to you, from our dear, precious parents and all of us. [Rozia]

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