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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Ala protests that she writes, though Sala does't get them, we are upset about the laundry from Olkusch.

Full Translation

Dear Sara, Now at last: The most important thing for you right now is [to know about] Ala, right? I went over to see her. Why did you write you haven't received any mail from her? She does write you. Why are you so bitter? What else is new with you? Are you well? We can hardly wait during the time from one letter to the next. That's how long it takes here. Now, Sala, we are very upset about the laundry we're supposed to be doing. We don't receive mail from Olkusch, but the father of the girl to whom you were to give the laundry, came to see us last week and threatened us with the worst. Maybe you could give the address of [the relatives?] in Olkusch, they don't live where they used to, as you know. By the way, that's where the man lives whom you gave the parcel to. Why doesn't he write home and why should we suffer on account of this? Please do something in this matter. Otherwise, nothing special. Thank God, we're well and hope to hear good news from you. Blima's aunt, Adela Wajnberg, got engaged to one of Skala's cousins, who is the son of our dear father's sister. We are very happy about this. Now I'm ending with warmest regards and kisses from our dear parents and all of us, L.D. , husband and children. Ala will send out a parcel with cream and other things. She is wondering, why you wrote that you hadn't any mail from her. I talked to her for quite some time. We were very worried and thought she might be offended, meanwhile, everything is just fine. Be well. Rozia. Farewell.

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