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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Longed to see you on Purim. Maybe Pesach. Were you mocking aout reading the Megillah? Our Birthday card to you was returned, Salusia is proud of her writng.

Full Translation

Dearest Sala, We were very happy about your card, but at the same time, we are very upset because we had counted on seeing you in person on Purim. Maybe you'll have a chance to come for Pesach. Kepp trying to get the permission to come for the holidays. You have already written the coat, oh, how happy we are about this. You wanted to know whether we celebrated your birthday. Just imagine, we sent you a birthday card which was returned to us. We wish you happiness always in your future endeavors and, most important, that you should come home soon, so we should see you. Sala, if only you knew how sad our dear parents are and we talk about you for days on end. Our only consolation is that you're writing, that you're well and may you always be well. Salasia keeps reminding you to come home. She can write already up to eight digits, she wants you to know. Now, write if you need anything. We get RM 13 per month from the K.(?) community. You wrote you will hear the megillah, no matter what, which seems like you're making fun, [you're being sarcastic] but I don't know. Otherwise, there is nothing special here. We are well, thank God. Yes, I'm wondering why you don't write anything about Ala, are you at odds with one another? But I don't really think so. Probably you just forgot to write [about her]. Now many regards and kisses from our dear parents, Blima and me, Rozia. Regards from L.D., husband and children. Dawid works at... Happy Purim!

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