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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Answers Sala's questions sequentially. We prepared so hard for the winter.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, At long last! We were already getting crazy with worrying about you. Usually we get mail on Wednesdays and only today, early on shabbos, we received it. Thank God for that. You asked a lot of questions, that I want to answer. 1. Concerning L., oh, she doesn't have any time at all 2. besides, she has so many other worries on her back, oh dear, I am "bschulym". You wouldn't recognize her, certainly, no doubt. We prepared so hard for the winter, so we can send you as much as possible, do you understand? Thank God for that. You cannot understand the "jakrys". 3. We don't get much mail from Wolbron either. 4. I am sure, that any second now my sister will come (?). 5. Blima will earn about 30 to 40 pfennig (cents) a day, and that will be wonderful, but we don't know have any further information yet. 6. We invited M.D. to come and to see us for Sukkos. 6.[7] We haven't written back to Kaufman yet. He didn't write about anything in particular. We'll send a reply. Now let me ask you again, are you still in pain? ... Are you still cooking as much as you used to? 3. Why don't you write about Ala? Don't you get any mail from her? Maybe you know her address in Bendzin, then we would write her. She doesn't come to Sosnowitz and we're quite upset. We went to Grünbaum's but Erlich wasn't there. Why didn't he come to us? Don't you think about coming on vacation? It seems to me that none of your friends [in the camp] came. Now, there's nothing to say particularly. Thank God, we're well and keep hoping to get a postcard from you. .. many kisses and regards. [Rozia]

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