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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Another in a string of letters from Raizel detailing the shrinking list of items in parcels to Sala. As in earlier letters, she metions the family's growing seemingly perpetual lack of money, as well as their excitement over Sala's impending visit over the holidays.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, At the moment, I am over at L.D.'s with Gewinia Lichtig. Sala, you're asking why we are writing so rarely. Don't be shocked, Mother was sick but, thank God, she is well again. Besides we are getting ready for the day when Mila Goldberg will be your guest(?). So if you don't get mail from us don't be worried, it's just that we're a little crazed (the head is not "with it"). Now, Sala, don't be upset because we have not sent you a parcel yet, we'll take care of that today. We found the second "trep", now we're waiting for "paskis" and post cards. I would much rather not have told you that we haven't had the money up till now, I'm just bringing this up as an excuse, why we haven't sent you food parcels. Now we're sending you only some cookies. Please write us what you need most, because if we get something from the community, we will send you something right away. But since we have no money, we have to know what you need most, we are very eager that you should receive something from us. And then we spent every minute in great anticipation of your visit over the holidays. Oh, how Mother will be happy and all of us. Please give regards from us to the entire Pachta family and say thank you on our behalf for their good treatment of you. Otherwise, there is nothing new, we are all well, thank God. We have only little work, Blima has no work at all. Moniek has recovered, thank God... Salasia asks why you write her so little. Again, please don't get upset if you get hardly any mail from us. Don't worry about writing to the people, it's not necessary. Besides, if this would be "protek" (difficult?), we would be uncomfortable and not send you any (???) Regards and kisses.

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