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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Raizel writes to thank Sala for sending 5 RM. However, she is puzzled that the money was not accompanied by a note. Raizel also notes her dismay that Sala and Ala had another falling out.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Oh, how happy you must have been to be able to send the five RM, weren't you? They really came in handy at this time. Thank you very much. But we are very concerned, why you didn't include a message or a postcard. Also we are very upset that you had a fall out with Ala. Does she ever write you or you her? Then we would be reassured. Possibly you wrote her and, therefore, you didn't write us? How do you do today? With us everything is as usual. We are well. Write us a lot and often, we are always hoping to get good news. But what is more, we hope to see you in person. Now, many regards and kisses from our dear parents, sisters and all of us. Many regards from L.D., husband and children. Was do you say to Salusia's penmanship? Did you like it? Regards also from the neighbors, Seligman, Uzard, etc. Regards from Mrs. Gärtner, Gucia Licht sends her regards also.

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