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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Another letter in which Raizel discusses Sala's chances for getting time off, in this case potentially on July 1st, two days after the note is written. Raizel also mentions that she hears that Ala has been eating very little.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, We are very worried about your silence. What is going on? We were somewhat calmed down by the regards. We received them from Mr. Stuchenberg, who lives on our street, and he even said that there is hope of your getting time off on July 1. Others, however, say that this isn't true. We only know that you will come unexpectedly. How is Miss Ala? We heard that she eats very little, why? That's why she looks bad. Now, Sala, why do we receive so little mail from you. But I don't think this is your fault. Sala, Salasia sends her regards, she is just writing here in my place, "lo", but already nicely. She keeps asking when you will come. Come, come, that is all our striving. May God give, that this will become a reality. Otherwise, nothing in particular happened. We are well and long to see you. Warmest regards and kisses from our dear children and all of us. Best regards to Miss Ala and the Pachta family. Don't worry. For our sake write more often. Rozia.

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