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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




This letter is divided into two parts, the first by Raizel and the second by Ala. In the first section, Raizel discusses how her family has become enamoured with Ala In the second section Ala summarizes her visit to the Garncarz family. She finishes by asking Sala for paperwork.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Imagine, while I am writing this, I am sitting with your true friend Ala. I can see why she is so dear to you and she deserves greatest respect and appreciation. Miss Ala spent quite some time with us, she herself in person, well! How much we love her, may she always have a good life! She asked us to give you warm regards and she already sent you a parcel. Oh, we will write you a long letter. But now it's getting late, it's erev shabbos and Miss Ala also wants to write you something, shouldn't I let her? Now, warm regards from our dear parents and all of us. Your sister, Rozia. Gut Shabbos. Dear Sarenka, Here I am writing again. Your sister is with me. I was at your house for an hour. Your parents were very happy. I talked to your dear father and mother, [they are] very dear. Sarenka, please send me a certificate right away, saying that I worked in__ as__ for such and such time. Signed by the senior warden in charge and by the Eldest of the Jews. Today in the community, I read your letter concerning ... Slowly but surely. Why don't I get mail from you?!?! Huh? Warm regards, Ala.

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