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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Raizel writes about the excitement surrounding David's return. She writes that the family is distressed about about the falling out between Sala and Ala. She finishes with a summary of the contents of their next parcel to Sala.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Probably you've been wondering why we haven't replied, but thank God, I can say "Mazel Tov" now. Dawid is home and completely free. When you receive this card, I think Sala Rabinowisz's brothers will come to see you all. Sala, maybe one of us will come also. But that isn't sure yet. In the meantime, we're together. Sala, why don't you reply to our requests? We heard that you are very popular with everybody, maybe you can get permission to come home for the holidays. Oh, how Mother, particularly, longs to see you, your visit would put new life into her. Now, what happened between Ala and you? We were all greatly anguished, especially Mother is very upset, so much so that she has become all weak and sick. What is happening now, have you made up [your differences]? If so, we would be very pleased. Now, I'll proceed to what we're going to send you: one babka, ... [Polish] very expensive, we'll send you an old one... butter from the grocer's (?) and a very big fish. In honor of Dawid's liberation, L.D. cooked a meal for the first time. The "stanikis" haven't been made yet, only next week, they're all crazy too [?] Otherwise there is nothing new here. We are, thank God, well. What's new with you? Oh, how much we would love to see you. Be well, kisses and regards from our dear parents, sister, Dawid and the children. A gut Shabbes. Rozia. Miss Sala, I take this opportunity to write you.. and would like to ask you very much to do me a favor [Can't read this: Someone by the name of G. Richter has arrived in the same camp, a good person, but what she wants Sala to do, is beyond me]. [P.Lalia??]

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