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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




A general letter asking if Sala needs anything. Of note, Raizel mentions that the family is unable to send meat to Sala, hinting that not only are they unable to afford meat, but they cannot even purchase olives for themselves.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Today we received your card. How you cheered up our soul, how you put us at ease, you have no idea. Our dear mother, may she live long, cried a lot as well as the rest of us. You write that you don't need any bread or ... which we are glad to hear. Why don't you write whether you received the sugar, lemon, cookies. Concerning meat (??), it's not that we don't want to [send you any] but we have even forgotten what olives taste like. Now Sala, why don't you write? Can't you write a letter to your friends, you know how much your silence hurts them. If you don't write, everything is lost. L.D. is well, thank God. We are all well and hope to hear from you. We asked you many times already if you need stockings, postcards or anything else. How are you do generally, etc.. Unfortunately, I have to close now. Warmest kisses and regards from our dear parents, L.D., husband and children. Regards from the Zeligman family. (Best regards to Ala the...)

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