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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




An appeal to Ala for some news about Sala in the wake of four weeks without a letter to the Garncarz family.

Full Translation

Esteemed Ms. Ala, To begin with, please don't take offense at my taking the liberty to bother you. However, knowing that your are a friend of our dear sister and daughter, Sala Garncarz, we turn to you, asking for a big favor, which will not be so big for you, after all. We haven't heard [from Sala] for the past 4 weeks and are at the end of our wits. Maybe you could tell us something about her. There is no point in writing to her directly because we already sent many letters, but received no answer. We are already crazy and are going out of our minds. Oh, our dear parents! If only you knew in how much bitterness they're spending their days and nights. Please write us, don't refuse doing us the great favor of letting us know what happened to her. I even went to see your brother on Breslauer Street, to see if he knows something about my sister, but all without success. My only hope is to have news from you. If only Sala could see our dear parents, how heartbroken and dejected they are. But enough. Please accept my apologies. Warmest regards from us ...

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