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Raizel Garncarz




Thanks for mail and money. Holidays are over. That’s how everything passes, only on and on.

Full Translation

Dear Sara, At long last, there's mail from you. We are always waiting impatiently when it's time for your mail to arrive. To begin with, thank you for the 5 RM and for your good wishes to use the money in good health. Yes, now the holidays are almost over. That's how everything passes, only on and on, as you wrote. It seems, we haven't seen each other in a long time and we would like to see you again soon. Now, Sala, you asked whether Blima had work; not at the moment. [And you ask] whether our dear mother still looks so bad. How do you mean? [She looks] like always, not worse. She always worries about you and "our old, good father" also, may he live. We cried a lot reading your card. Regarding Ala, we have no idea and we can't understand why she doesn't write you. What could have happened? Have you, maybe, offended her when you were here? She once met mother, said hello (?), stopped for a second and then went off, excusing herself that she didn't have time. I can't go to see her. As soon as I see her, I'll let you know. Now, I bless you, on behalf of our dear parents, sister, husband and children. Is Holtz still there? Please write.

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