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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




No mail, why do you do this to us. Heard from LD last week, all well. We have light work. Postcripts to Suzie, mama, etc.. Mentions seder they held until 2 in the morning.

Full Translation

I don’t know what to do at all, when we don’t get mail from you, dearest. Tonight is Monday night, the beginning of the holidays, and the mail has been called out. I and Bluma have been waiting anxiously. But no, what a great disappointment! Sala, why do you do this to us? Don’t you know then that your mail is our only happiness, our own and all? Oh Sala, our heart is aching! Today the holidays began. We are so far apart from one another, no parents, no brothers and sisters are here. We’re thinking of you, Lajacia and all our dear ones day and night. Yes, we received mail from Lajcia last week, they are well, thank God and at home, oh, may they be able to stay there. But nothing from our dearest parents. This is more than just a woe! We can’t tear them from ourselves. May God give that we will still see them in this life and we can exchange our past experiences as soon as possible. Please don’t worry about us. Thank God, we’re well and have light work. What are you doing? How’s your work doing? Are you well? Why do we get so little mail from you? Are you getting mail from Lajcia? From Ala too? ... Write, we’re getting crazy from worrying. A. G. to you (?). Now, a thousand kisses and regards from your sisters missing you, Rozia and Blima. Regards from Sala Cz., Gucia Gutman is in Grunberg. Good Yom Tov. Oh you, if we only could be together again in the future! Dear Suzi, How have you passed the holidays? We are well: we had a seder. Fryda Lypschitz held a seder till 2 in the morning, only we missed our dear parents. Regards to Miss Garncarz. kisses. Jetti... Dear Mama, I’m taking this opportunity to add a few words, too. I received your postcard. Write how you passed the holidays. I did very well. We had a seder in our room till 2 in the morning. Dear Mama. I’m well, thank God...

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