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Raizel Garncarz




Raizel writes, "We are dancing with joy becaues you are coming home on vacation." She asks if Ala will come too.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, We are dancing with joy, what can I say? [I don't know] if you can imagine how great our joy is. No, that's impossible. See if it's possible for you to get more vacation. Moniek is, thank God, well and he already walks about. Concerning the "trepn", Sala, let's wait until you come. You will buy yourself something. Meanwhile, don't be angry, because we can't get money from the community right now. But as soon as you come, we will make you happy, but please do come, come, we can hardly wait any longer! Particularly Mother and Father will be so happy to see you again and the children also. What is new with you? Where do you work these days? Again, please don't worry about the "trepn", because we don't have more than one. I am over at L.D.'s, the children are put to bed now. We are happy because we received the "widokowka" from you. Blima's fiancé will probably come, too. Have you written to him? Please write us often, so we shouldn't worry. Warmest regards and kisses from our dear parents and all of us. Will Ala come, too?

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