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Raizel Garncarz




S sent money. What happened to H.K? He used to write on Sala's letters.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, It is Shabbos night now. On Friday night, we received the RM 5 for which we are very grateful to you. I was totally surprised. I was just on the "bojdym", when mother called out, "Rajzl, Rajzl!" Gucia, L.D. and Rozia and all of us all went running into the living room, thinking that you had come in person, don't ask me why. I was so excited and under this delusion that you had come, but unfortunately ... But we still keep hoping [that you'll come] that's what they're saying here. Isn't it true that you're supposed to be coming on vacation? So instead of you, we received the 5 RM, may they be an announcement of your arrival. "Halwaj"(?). We're just talking about you. How are things looking down your way? Do you still have a toothache? May God give that you received mail from Ala. We never see her. Have you sent her what she needed? Why don't you write about her at all? Have you had a fall out, or what? And what happened to Kaufman, are you at odds with him. Why? In the beginning, he always added some lines, and now? Now, what is new with you? Are you well? We are dying to see you. ... Besides, there is nothing new here. We are, thank God, well and eager to hear good news from you. Excuse the appearance of the card. Salusia is bothering me and keeps splashing water around. I'm sending you thousands of regards on behalf of our dear parents, sisters, L.D. and husband and children. Rozia.

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