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Blima Garncarz




We are sending you the coat not quite finished. The author is unable to sleep at the family house for some reason.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, To begin with, don't be angry that we're not sending you the coat completely finished; the tailor is sick and now everything in the shop has come to a standstill. Just imagine, we received two cards on your behalf asking us to go to the shop to work. But not much work got done on the coat, only the "bodszweka" (seam?)was taken in and its was ironed. That was all we could do. Otherwise, there is nothing new with us. We are well, Blima and I are with L.D. and are staying over for the night. At home it is very "dusrno" and when it gets warmer, we will open the window and then we can go home and sleep at home. ... Maybe you remember the Shabbos at L.D.'s home the night before you left? We often think of it now. Now, Sala, what is new with you? Are you well and friends with Ala? We don't know yet when we can send you something, what we'll do so as soon as possible. Lately, we had only little work but I reckon that we will have more employment after the holidays. We received a card from Marj Chs.(?), mazel tov, [also] from Uncle Alter and Skala. May we only have joyful times (simcha). Maybe you can write us before the holidays, but, of course, [it would be better] for you to come in person. I think this is also what you want. I am closing now, kisses and regards from our dear parents, Blima and L.D., regards from Ch.. and special regards for Ala.

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