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Raizel Garncarz




Heartisck that Sala is bleeding. Desperate for another visit. I've been writing the same thing for a year already.

Full Translation

Dear Sara, I have to cry just as I'm beginning to write this letter. Sala, I feel so wretched! Oh, what has happened? Sala! Sala! My heart aches and no "brajry". I started getting a terrible headache after I received your card. Are you better, you aren't bleeding any longer?! We are numb with worrying, particularly about your health, Sala! We are sending a little parcel to you with my gray sweater, you have a large/great "niesp drianke", Sala, you will like it very much. But when will you come home to have even more reasons to enjoy yourself. We bought you a beautiful golf sweater and it's waiting for you here. We wanted to send it to you but we thought it would be better for you to pick it up at home and it will fit you very well. What's going on with Ala? Why don't you write anything about her and why do you write, you're not going to visit with her? What ever happened to her certificate, did you take care of this and sent it to her? Why have you been writing in all of the recent cards, I can't write [her?] ? And now, what happened to her, isn't she writing at all? I wouldn't have thought it of her(?)[I couldn't believe what she said], I mean, talking alone is no big deal. I don't understand what's going on. Please write some more and with more details. Don't you know anything about your vacation? Here they said, you will come, is it true?. "Halwaj"! We're expecting you. Only God knows when. Only when? Will Jakub come also? I've been writing the same thing for a year already. Now, best regards and kisses from our dear parents, sister, husband and children.

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