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Raizel Garncarz




Aren't things bad enough without my having to worry about you? I'm at my wits end and if I don't get work, I'll have to go away to someplace else.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Our impatience has been running thin already. Should we have to worry about you, should our heads be confused with this also? But no, enough is enough! We're waiting for mail from you with great impatience, we really need to get mail from you. It might still happen, but we're getting anxious to hear good news from you. Anyway, don't worry about us, everything is fine.... I don't know why, I'm at my wit's end and if I won't get work, I'll have to go away [to work] someplace else. You understand me now? Maybe we can be together and if that's not possible, then forget about it. It's not just for my sake, but I want to reassure out dear parents that most of us are employed (?) ... [I can't figure out the rest] Rozia

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