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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Calm down. Don't drve yourself crazy because you don't get mail. Asking for such luxury? No work now that I need it.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Today you have all the reason in the world to feel good about us. I’m writing you to tell you to calm down, you hear? Don’t worry and please don’t drive yourself crazy and start crying because you don’t get mail every day. Are you asking for such a luxury? We would accommodate you as much as possib1eto-keep you happy. Meanwhile, I don’t have work, now that I need it so. Otherwise nothing special. Many kisses and regards from our dear parents and from everybody. Blima is still working in the shop, I would need to do the same but nobody has work for me. Best regards to Kaufman. Thank you for the certificate but it’s nothing special. Rozia

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