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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Stay in Gepp as long as possible. Blima and she aren't working. MD and David home. Mentions Bela Kohn in distress

Full Translation

Dear Sala, Thank God, we received mail from you. We’re expecting mail in time for every second Sabbath., only some time passed without anything. So we got quite nervous. But, at long last! Are you still in Geppersdorf? We are very pleased about that. If only you can stay there, you seem to be doing well there. Be happy, happy, Sala, you hear? We haven’t received the letter from our aunt in Wolbronn yet, otherwise we would already have read it and thanked her for keeping us posted. Aunt Aimy is too big for us and we don’t really want to get any mail from her all that often. My goodness. This very moment, the mailman shouts that there is mail for us - from this particular aunt of Wolbronn. We quickly scanned it - well, I’m glad we received it. Sala, Blima doesn’t work at the moment, nor do I. Maybe, we will still see each other, who knows? At any rate, you shouldn’t worry about us, we are, thank God, all well and happy that you are doing so well there. M.d., meanwhile, is home and so is Dawid. But we don’t know exactly what’s going on. Bala K. is in distress because her brother died. What else can I say? Don’t worry about us and calm down. I really don’t have enough to say to merit a letter and no patience either. Our dear parents are very glad... if you get the permission. Otherwise nothing new. Everything is fine with L.D., thank God, we’re well and happy! Many regards and kisses from our dear parents and sisters, Rozia. Have a good day. Give regards to Kaufman from all of us.

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