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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




I received postcard of 10/28. Write everything.

Full Translation

Dear Sala. As I wrote you before, I received your postcard of 10/28. We’re always so happy, whenever we get mail from you. As usual, there’s nothing special going on with us. Thank God, we’re well and have work. The food we get isn’t bad. Together with your mail, we received mail from sister Lajcia. She’s very worried about you. What’s new with you? Are you well? How’s your work? How is your friend Achily doing? Please write everything, Sala! We are awaiting more mail from you and from Lajcia also. Were eager to know where our parents are. We know nothing. May we hear nothing but good news. I’m ending with a thousand kisses from your sisters Blima and Rozia, missing you. Regards to all our acquaintances. Special greetings to Gucia Szerer. She’s to write regards to Chanyli. Please write if you received mail from Ala or Lajcia. How is she doing? Good night! Best regards from Sala, Charka, Szyfre Rajeman. Frymka R. is a good person, she’s too proud for us. Are you getting mail from Chamek? Write everything, everything. Regards to...

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