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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Handwriting beautiful, miss you, got letter from you and from L.D and from Ala. Poignant tone, uplifting. Be happy that fate took you where you are and may it be

Full Translation

Dearest Sala, Now were together again, at least in our thoughts. Oh, how I miss you, we would like to see you so much. Dear Sala! We’re happy that you’re well. May it be so. If so, be happy that fate took you where you are and may it be for the best. May God help us to be at home together again with our dear parents, sisters and brothers as quickly as possible. Who are your friends, Sala? How are you getting along with your friend Achily? Is she good to you? Sala, she can give you better advice than your sisters. We are very uneasy about you. Whether you’re well, how your work is doing, if you still have work and whether you’re warm. If you need a nightgown, write to Lajcia Dma, she will send you one. She sent me something also and we got mail from her at long last. Thank God, everyone’s home, may we only hear good news. Ala wrote that there’s news out that the people who our precious parents live and work with will be sent home. How we hope this will come to pass. We’re impatiently waiting for mail from you and good news. Thank God, we’re well and have light work. A thousand kisses from your sisters Rozia and Blima. Be careful at work. Remember, we’re worried about you. Any mail from Chamek? What does he write? Write everything, everything. Does Ala write? Give our regards to all of your friends. Dear Sala, This is a good opportunity to add some lines. In the beginning, I couldn’t believe that you’re in a camp. I’m glad though, that you’re well. Don’t worry about your sisters. Did you hear that our dear Rala is in a camp, too? She’s doing very well. That’s my only consolation. If you’re writing to your sisters, please write a postscript for me also. I would be very happy. Many regards from Sala G.

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