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Raizel Garncarz




We received laundry from Olkusch. Have you sent certificate from camp to Ala.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, It seems such a long time since I last wrote to you; we no longer had the patience to wait. Sala, have you recovered completely? Day after day, we are worrying about your health; how are you doing? Are you working? Have you already sent this certificate? I'm on my way to Ala, maybe I'll see her at her brother's place. I haven't seen her in all this time but now I'll try to meet her in an important matter and hope I'll find her home. Otherwise there is nothing new here. Thank God, we're well and are eager to hearing from you. We finally received all this laundry from Olkusch. We owe the Grünbaum family many thanks. We ask you to write us their address, we couldn't decipher the writing on the parcel. I'm sure you know where they are; we are also grateful that you took care of this [matter], we suffered a lot on account of it. Imagine, Blima still doesn't have work, it's very difficult to get into the shop, but we reckon, she still might, every second is precious. Because of this, I'm going to see Ala now and will ask her to make sure that we are "from outside" [on a waiting list???] Our dear parents are already very worried about Blima and me. I'm closing with warm kisses and regards from our dear parents, sister, husband and children. Give regards to Abram from Olkusch. Why hasn't Kaufman written?

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