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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Another letter in which Raizel inquires about Sala's apparent coolness in her recent messages, and the absence of regards from Ala.

Full Translation

Dearest Sala, I feel very hurt, while starting this letters and ask myself why your letters are so cold. Probably we feel it more than you think. Why is this so? Why haven't you included regards from Miss Ala, did you forget? But we know that she will come home, I even believe that when the card gets there, she will have left already. But what can one do? All we can do is sigh and that's all. Now enough of that. Blima's fiancé is here today on vacation, tomorrow he will go back. On Saturday, we went to see Mr. Weiz. Mojsze Wajnsztajn "ajalym" and he sends his regards. Probably Bejgelmacher will come also. They expect him to arrive any day. Oh yes, Ujazd sends his regards, he's been gone for two months now and his letters sound very good. Right now I am at Ujazd's, where I'm writing this card and I have problems concentrating. On behalf of our dear mother and father be strong, don't have any "agmys nejfysz". Miss Ala goes home, that's how it should be. God will not forsake you. We are terribly sorry that you had a fall out with Miss Ala. Keep your head up, keep your head up! ... Otherwise nothing new here. Warmest regards from our dear parents, sisters, Chana and L.D., husband and children. May you stay well. Rozia.

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