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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Another letter in which Sala is implored to write. The letter notes that Blima went to work in Germany. Looking to the future, Raziel writes that upon her sister's return Sala will be changed person and will settle into being a housewife.

Full Translation

Dear Sister Salu, Kestenberg personally brought us your good wishes and said many things we where glad about. You ask us, dear sister, whether we received money from the Jewish community. All in all no more than 10 RM (Reichsmark) for 4 week, so you can imagine how we're doing. Dear Salu, you asked repeatedly about your sister Blima. She, too, went to work in Germany. Every time she writes, she sends best wishes to you. Dear sister, we heard that you received the parcel. Please tell us whether this is true and you need sugar. Because of what you wrote, we have not sent soap to you, but we will do so us soon as there is a possibility to do so. Here, everything is as usual, only it could be better. Only, thank God, we are all in good health, our dear parents and I. Yes, I implored you to write us when you will come back to us. Then Sala will be a different person, which would delight us. You will be a good housewife, that would be very nice. Dear S., the Wolbronn family asks you to write to them, also Uncle Alter and sister Mirjiam Chaja. In closing I send you best regards and kisses from us and our dear parents and Rosia. Special greetings from Laja Dina, husband and children, from Salusi and the Seligmann family. Salu, when you write include a greeting to our M.D. Regards from us to your friend Ala. Give regards to a certain Hole ..? his father came to see us. Greetings to P. Bialgorske from her parents.

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