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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Thanks for the letter and 5 RM. Do you miss Hokilo Dattner wo always prepared your dinner?

Full Translation

Dear Sala, I can’t tell you in words how happy we were (but we also cried a lot while reading it). But that’s not all. You gave us new life. Thank God that your writing so little is due to laziness, or is it? Are you well? I don’t know why, but while writing this, tears are coming to my eyes and I can’t control them. But thank God for that. I miss you inordinately. Thank you for the 5 RM. But. Sala, maybe you can use the money for yourself over there? They might help you there, because here we can’t get more than half a loaf for it. Don’t get us wrong again, it’s not that we ask more of you, but that’s how it is. Sala, don’t worry, maybe it will be okay, just as you wrote. Sala, did you get mail from Ala? What does she write? I haven’t received a reply. Didn’t she mention anything about our letters? Why doesn’t she reply, we don’t understand that. Otherwise, there’s nothing new. Thank God, we’re all well and hope for good news from you. Whenever there’s mail from you on the way. We’re always waiting for it impatiently. You haven’t received the little parcel yet, Sala? Do you have enough to eat? Do you miss Hokilo Dattner who always prepared your dinner? Do you have to do it yourself now? Warmest regards and kisses from our dear parents, Bhima, Jakub, who sends his regards by mail, and I do, too, Rozia. L. D.. husband and children do the same. Give our best regards to Kaufmann and Abram

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