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Letter #


David Krzesiwo




Complains like R. of no mail. No money from Jewish community. Regards from husband children and Dora Feldman.

Full Translation

Dear sister Sala, I’m surprised that you’re not writing me any postcards. You sent me regards through Dora Feldman, but I received no mail [from you]. I don’t know what to make of this. I should think, you’d have enough time to write me a little postcard. Sala, write me whether you’re writing to Blima and Rozia, since I don’t have mail from them either. I don’t get your money either, because the Jewish community doesn’t want to pay me anything because I’m married. So if it’s possible for you to keep the money, take it. Regards form me, my husband and my children send their regards too. Your sister Ljdina Kresivo. Regards from Dora Feldman.

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