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Letter #


Sala Garncarz



Sala tells of her engagement, Sidney adds paragraph in English.

Full Translation

My beloved Sisters, A few days ago I sent you a letter where I wrote, in great detail, about everything that’s happening in my life. It was difficult for me to write it, but now 1 feel unburdened. Your letter, Blima and the enclosed picture arrived and it made me very happy. A little later I broke out cry ing, because I could not at all recognize you in the picture. You seem to be so heavy, and I could never imagine seeing you looking like that: Is this altogether a healthy sign? With God’s help, I am now almost sure that I will be able to see you sooner, and I think that you will give me a sound thrashing for being so skinny. While I was in camp I weighed 56kg and today I weigh 51kg, but I feel perfectly healthy. It could be all this constant worry and the waiting that is causing it. Dear Blima, how much I envy al those who see you, sit at the table with you, and partake of your cooking and your baking. I miss you an awful lot and it almost drives me mad. As for you, Rozia, 1 received your letter, written in Yiddish; you still write beautifully and I admire your style. As for me, I could not possibly compose anything decent in Yiddish, no matter how hard I try, since I can’ t even write three words without a mistake. All those languages get mixed up in my head German, Czech, Russian and now English, so as a result, 1 know two words in any one. Moshe Lev [Feldman] is here now and he wrote a few words to you. He expects to leave any day now for Palestine with the illegal ‘aliyah’’. Scharja just walked in so I will stop writing, since I want him to write to you. I don’t think you will understand it because he writes in English. However, maybe someone will read it to you as I myself will not know what he wrote. Otherwise, what: good news do you have? Are you both completely healthy, and what was the nature of your illness? Do not worry about me, I am well protected. Stay well, strong, and keep your spirits up. I kiss you many times. Your sister Sala Regards for all your friends. Dear Blima and Rozia, I’m very sorry that I can’t write either Jewish or Polish – if I could, I would write a long letter -- as it is, you‘ll have to excuse me. Your sister Sala is the nicest and sweetest person I ever met – in fact I’m hoping to take her to America with me as my wife. Sala hopes to be able to see you before she leaves—but frankly I don’t know if it will be possible. Meanwhile let’s keep hoping. Sorry I have to close now – Best wishes to you both for a very happy future – Perhaps some day we will be able to meet in person – I hope so. Sincerely, Sidney

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