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David Krzesiwo




Sounds miserable. Haven't had an apt for 4 weeks. Wherever you spend the night, you don't spend the day. Doesn't mention children but is with David.

Full Translation

Dear sister Sala, To begin with, I want you to know that my thoughts are with your... Probably you’re already desperate because I haven’t written to you and today is the first time after a long time. Better late than never. My heart is aching, it’s beating wildly because I can’t always write you or send you something, probably you’re thinking that I already forgot about you. No, I’m thinking of you alright. If I were on my own, I could write you without a problem, I could but you, without mail(?). I haven’t had an apartment for four weeks. Now this week, I got an apartment. Throughout these four weeks I was crazy, real crazy (?) Wherever you spend the night, you don’t spend the day. At long last, I got an apartment and I can now appreciate what it means to have an apartment and abed. A1so I’m the happiest person in the world because I’m together with Dawid and also because he has a U.(?) In addition I had to get used again to living with Dawid (??) I haven’t received a postcard from you. Write postscripts or write whenever you can. I wish you a good Yom tov. May Heaven give us a happy Pesach together. L.D.

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