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Letter #


David Krzesiwo




First Schatzlar. L.D writes as if parents were home, odd. Working in factory from 5A to 5P. Children are alone at home. Gives her NeuSalz adress.

Full Translation

Dear sister Sala, I received your letter through Mrs. Feldman(?) We are all well, thank God, nothing new happened. Regards from our dear parents, may we all be together and rejoice. From Blima and Rozia I received a post card. They are well and have light work. Sala, why don't you write to Blima and Rozia? They are together in a camp. Why haven't you written until today? I was getting very nervous because of this. From now on, you shall write often. I'm working in a factory from 5 o'clock [in the morning] until 5 at night. Imagine, I am very ...of our parents and sisters. Dawid works in the city administration. The children are alone at home. They want to be with their grandmother and grandfather (?) and with their aunt. You have Blima and Rozia Garncarz' address: Jüd. Frauen Wohnlager Gruschwitz FAT Neusalz I received RM 15 from our sisters. The community didn't give me any money lately. Many regards from me, my husband and children. Your sister, who wants to see you, Lajcia. Sala, just write, how Kaufman has been doing, write everything exactly like I'm writing you now.

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