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Letter #


Sala Rabinowicz




Hurt my feelings with superficial comment, like you always do. Health is most important. Visit parents every day. All well at home, alludes to boyfriend who does not look well.

Full Translation

Dear Sala, I was waiting for your letter with great anticipation and longing, and the much-awaited letter finally arrived. It gave us all a chunk of life. Dear Sala, you can’t imagine how many times your letter was read by me and by everybody. And thanks for the postscript in which you tell me not to be jealous. Is that what you think, or was it a joke? Was it maybe just a shallow expression? From the bottom of my heart I wish you the very best of everyting, but you remark hurt me a lot. You, dear Sala, have in the past said some words to me that were hurtful and I almost got insulted, but then I realized that it was only a superficial expression and that it really did not come from the heart. But let’s end with all that now for I do not want to bother you with it. Dear Sala, how are things with you? Do you feel well, because health is most important. Take care of yourself and watch out not to get a cold. Are you [Page 2] working at your own trade? Please write everything. I visit your parents almost every day. They are all well and they are pleased when I show up, and even more so when I bring postcards from you to them. We reminisce about time spent together. I keep writing and writing but the sentences do not flow, because I have a big worry. So let me sign off my dear Sala; it’s a pity I have to finish this letter but my thoughts are running elsewhere. I do promise to write a lot soon. Most important, Sala, do not worry about your home because all is very well with them. Just take care of yourself because the time will come when… I have read some of the postcards you wrote home. I am not sure if the regards you sent to your guy (don’t be angry that I call him that but it’s the easiest way), reached him. I will try to find out as soon as I have some more time. [Page 3] I have not seen him since you left, but Hela K. told me that he does not look well. Don’t worry about it. Best regards from all the friends. Sala P.S. Beniek sends his regards. He feels very insulted. Sala, if you want me to take care of things for your guy I shall do it gladly and conscientiously. Icek is home and has “flis” in ___?___ [TN: illegible]. Szymek sends his best regards. Best regards to all acquaintances. Please write soon. Yours, always remembering you, Sala

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