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Letter #


Roza Grünbaum




What should I write, this is our destiny. I work on machine. Leo well, learning to be a tailor. Sounds like they are in a camp. It is so hard to live. After mother died.

Full Translation

Dear Cousin Sala! Today we received a letter from Bluma’s sister, and Rosa’s brother also added some words. You can’t imagine, dear Sala, our joy, and the pain because you can imagine that the brother writes that he knows about our misfortune. We read your letter many times and haven’t stopped crying the whole day. Dear Sala, our hearts are a bit lighter now that Rosa’s brother already knows and will [TN: heard to make out, something like, “concern himself”]. I have written out everything exactly as my dear mother has told me to in the letter to Abram, so that you, dear Sla will be able to read it. Dear Sala, it’s very late at night now as I sit and write, I am so sad and I feel bad and I want to write so much, but I complain, and what should I write, it’s no use, and what can you do to help me Sala, I only cause you torment, it’s too late, that’s our destiny, and against that nobody has been able to do anything. Perhaps the sun will still shine for us also, just as Sala has written. Otherwise, everything is the same for us. I am working on the machine at home and earn, and things would be good if everything wasn’t so terribly expensive. Dear father is well and earns something. Sala is now our cook and I help her with it. I know, dear Sala, that you can imagine our situation exactly, a good and faithful mommy: Lojbek is thank God healthy today. He is learning to be a tailor. We are not working in the shop anymore. I just shouldn’t need to be with Bluma’s sister. Dear cousin, on the same day that Bluma’s sister had written, I received a postcard from my Leon. He writes that it is possible that they will work in Oberschleisen. I also received a postcard from our dear parents. Everything that is in order. They ask only what is going on with us. Dear Sala, I forgot to write to you and Abram that my Leon sent me though his father 20 (?), and I think that I will get more. [Page 2] Salu! In reading your dear letter from Bluma’s sister, Leon’s father and mother were there, you cannot imagine at all how they wept. I have never seen a man cray like that, and I also read the words that Bluma’s sister wrote: When his father sat so many house with you, Rosa and I make like I didn’t understand what I read, the father of my Leon asked if I understood the words and then he said to me that if Leon know that he is sitting with me so many hours, he would be happy, because in the last hours in the camp (?) [TN: I am not sure since “lage” is missing the r at the end], my Leon asked your father they should treat me as their child, like their daughter, then he would be at ease. Believe me, Sala, I did not imagine that Leon worries so much about me. And you also will not be able to imagine if his father had not told me, I wouldn’t have believed it, God should not abandon me. I have you and him as my consolation. What more do I have in the world. Salu! I write and write and it’s nothing. I want so much to talk with you, because once can’t write everything. It is so hard to live. I am so happy when I get mail, only I am so sorry for our Sala, she does all the housework and always torments herself. Oh, my God! May we all soon be happy together, and be able to talk about what we have survived, so sad, so sad. I can imagine our Abram’s pain when he found out about our misfortune, he did love our mommy so much, and her whole life was dedicated to get satisfaction from us and did not live to see it. It is so hard to get used to the thought that mommy will not come back to us, but it won’t change anything. I only want to see the day when I will be happy with you and be able to tell you everything. I end my letter. I ask that Bluma’s sister should write more often to Rosa, because that brings her consolation in these sad days. I greet you and kiss you very fondly, and also Sala, father and Lojbek greet you. Greet my dear brother, and tell him not to worry. Your faithful cousin, Rosa

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