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Ala Gertner




Married now to Bernhard, finally. I read all your letters once more. Wedding at the rabbi's.

Full Translation

My dear child, Sarenko! It’s raining the whole day. A dreary cold rain. A week ago, the 22nd of May it was glorious weather. The sun shone strongly, warm, it was beautiful. On Sunday afternoon, we bound ourselves to Bernhardchen forever. The wedding was at the Rabbi’s on the little “Schrodel.” Bernhardchen looked wonderful – serious, but happy. I wish that you should also be so thrilled as I when you marry your Harry. Bernhardchen has a job in the community as steward. I am glad that it finally came to this, though there isn’t any time for it, but you know Salachen, how much he wants it. His most fervent wish would be fulfilled. What do you say to that? How are you? Now I am uneasy that you are not writing. Yesterday, together with my husband (!), I read all your letters and postcards from the camp. God grant that you will be together with us. Stay well, my child, fond regards and kisses Your, Alinka June 5 – 1943 On the next page: We married! Ala and Bernhard Heltz

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