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Roza Grünbaum




What kind of work? Please watch dear Bulin. I unload coal and vetegables, how is Blima, also in a camp?

Full Translation

Dear Salu!! I received your letter here and I thank you very much for it. I really enjoyed it very much. Dear Salu write about which camp you are in, and how you are doing, what kind of work you do, how many hours you work, how your health is, and about all of it write details. Dear Salu, why have you written so little. Salu, I have a favor to ask, that you, if you can keep an eye on my dear Bulin[?], she is really only a child, the youngest among us. Oh if only I could be together with you all!!! I feel that we are like sisters, Dear Salu do you have warm clothes to wear? I am thank God healthy and have good work. I work 9 hours every day from one in the afternoon until 10 at night, other [very hard to read maybe “times 13 ?]. the work is varied, we unload coal brickets and also different vegetables from trucks. I’m doing quite well. But I am very worried about you all, my dears. For every 14 days of hard work I get 1200 grams of bread, margarine and meat. I want so much to hold you!!! 2. Dear Salu, write to me about how your sister Blima is doing, she is also in a camp. Salu, I don’t know how my dear sister and brother are, and our dear parents, God knows!!!! Don’t show this letter to dear Bula. We still have to have hope and everything will be alright again. Dear Salu, I saw your picture in which you are with your friend, with Bronia. I know she was here together with us in Landeshutte. She told me a lot, she sends you best regards. I also found out about Majer Brauner from dear Sala in Brottiger. No more news, I greet you and send many kisses, your cousin Rozka Pisrel. I wait with impatience for an answer from you. Dear Salu, Sala Abramzyk is together with me here, she sends you her best regards, stay well, Rozka To Sala Garncarz

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