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Letter #


David Krzesiwo




They are still ok. Send her clothes. Write if you get mail from him. Mentions payment for work, as if that were at all possible.

Full Translation

Much beloved sister Sala, To begin with, I can inform you that with me everything is fine, everyone’s well, the dear children also. I received your postcard and read it with much pleasure, I’m very grateful. Besides, I can tell you that sent you a with clothes the other week, containing a night gown, a pair of pants... a spoon, a bar of soap and regards from Mrs. Hamburger. If you get it, please write me what you received exactly. My dear sister, don’t worry. Keep up your strength and, most important, stay well. Don’t worry about Purim. We all will have enough to eat at... In the meantime, if you need anything, let me know, I’ll send it to you, if I can. Then also write me, if you get mail from him and if you’re writing him in return, write about you in great detail and all the good things. Regarding the payment from your work through the community I can’t get it, so see if you can – L.D.

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