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Sala Garncarz




New Year poem

Full Translation

Yet again we spend our solemn holiday behind bars. - In the future, it will be hard to be believe that we were not freed for such a long time. We, ourselves cannot truly comprehend How they got us into this awful trap To spend two years away from home, in such horrible conditions Busy only with work, and contemplating those conditions. This is the severest blow they dealt us. However, we are quite strong and we will tell ourselves to endure After all, we Jews are used to it Our forefathers were even more exhausted than we are Still they stood watch, proud and persistent So we will try to do likewise. Today we are being judged by the Almighty May his name be blessed forever. Oh, God! Protect us now Because we have no one else but you, our defender. You are everything! Look at how exhausted and weary we are, hearts bleeding Worrying, where are our elderly parents? How bitter is their prayer now that the impossible conditions do not allow it? Let it all suffice, dear God, For you to remove the heavy burden from us. Let us hope and let us be confident That soon we will be one with our parents and our relatives As that is the essence of this matter.

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