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Letter #


Ala Gertner




Typed, Ala writing from headquarters at Sosnowiec, told everyone about you. Bernhard in hospital, father send to camp. Everyone in getto. Slowly, my father gets smaller. What does Harry write?

Full Translation

My dear child Sarenka! You shouldn’t be surprised that I haven’t written for so long. For a month, I have been working at [Merin’s] headquarters in Sosnowiec, and come home so late that it’s impossible to find a free moment for anything personal. Now I too am here in your home town and work. I told my co-workers about [Geppersdorf] and, of course, I also told them about you, my child! Time flies, how long has it been since [your duty] began? How are you? How do you look? I want to know everything, everything. Bernie is still in the hospital, although he’s feeling better. But now there are the side-effects, complications after the illness. He looks miserable, but I hope it won’t be too long until he is able to start working again. His father was sent back to the camp. So, my dear! Who knows if we will not meet somewhere! Do you want to, little one? I have to go to the hospital, since I don’t know when we will come back again. Everyone lives in the Srodula [ghetto]. Do you know where that is? My mom is ill. But I can’t help her. Besides, my brother has to relocate to Srodula, and my sister is already in [the Bedzin ghetto at Kamionka]. So my family is slowly getting smaller. I’m glad that I have a lot of work, or else I wouldn’t have been able to get through all this. Today is a wonderful day. The sun is so wonderfully warm, it’s healthy weather. Is it nice where you are? What does Harry write to you? Is he already a Jewish elder? I have to run – stay well, I kiss you fondly. Your Alinka

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