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Letter #


Raizel Garncarz




Salusia asks for a doll. Regards to Kaufman. Hokilo visited. Sending you photo. Sala and Frymka Rabinowicz away.

Full Translation

Dear Salu, Finally, finally, we received your postcard, we expected it on Wednesday and received it on Shabes. But the most important thing is that the mail is here and we are very happy that you write that all is well with you and we shouldn’t worry about you. But what do you think, that there is one moment that we don’t think about you. What would it be if the dear old parents would have to give a thought about me. But, Thank God, what would the dear parents do with such a [probably miserable wretch], but it should only continue [to be not so bad]… 2. Dear Aunt Salu I prayed to God that I should see you as soon as possible and that you should bring me a doll. Salusia Krzesiu(?) 3. I completely forgot, we are very happy that you continue to stay at (?) Kaufman’s. We most happily received his greeting. God grant that we will reciprocate in good times, Fond regards to him from us. Little Goldfriend Estusias’ sister is with Sala Czaarka and Fryme Rabinowicz. We don’t know where yet. Good night. How do you like the child’s message. 2. and more Sala Czarka, Frymka Rabinowicz are away. What do you say to that? Sala Czarka is not at home. Liba Priepioske, Perla Bialogorske were together with me, they are at home. So, that’s interesting for you, right? I wanted to write a lot to you, but my head is not in it. I’m sending you only one photo, when you receive it, you’ll get the second one. Oh yes, about Hokilo, he visited us and spoke a lot about you. I meet him every day, last Saturday night I went with Salusia and met him, he asked if you mean to send the doll to her. Salu, if you saw the child, she gets more beautiful with each passing day, she should always be healthy. 3. Ah, about Ala, she hasn’t answered, I don’t know why, even now, I am writing to her again. Otherwise nothing special, we are thank God healthy (I have become a “tel(?)”), you can well imagine in such moments. What do you mean two darning yarns, gray and brown, you must write more clearly, we don’t understand at all. Maybe “tatys(?)” or what? Now I send you a thousand kisses and greetings from each one, your sister who wants to see you very much. Rozia Best regards from L.D., husband and children.

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